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Omega Constellation Replica Watches, a French tennis player has signed a contract with Swiss luxury watchmaker de Bethune, which will make him their official ambassador for the next three years. De Bethune enters the professional tennis stage for the first ever time in its relatively short history with the introduction of a flamboyant player known for his colorful style of play and attractive personality.

Omega Constellation Replica Watches, a 27-year-old athlete, is currently ranked 21st in the ATP rankings. In his career, he achieved the best ranking of 7th and won five titles in tournaments from the Masters series. In terms of Grand Slams, his best achievement was reaching the French Open semi-finals in 2008. Joe-Wilfred Tsonga is now the French number 1 player. Monfils, despite not being the top athlete in the sport is still considered one of the most attractive and interesting athletes. Monfils is known for his athleticism,Omega Constellation Replica Watches extreme flexibility and jumping strikes. The player who is known for his attractiveness also holds the record of most powerful forehand in the past few years. Monfils’ atypical, bold style of playing and his great communication with audiences are the exact reasons De Bethune's officials selected him as the brand ambassador for the first time.

Geal Monfils, a French tennis player who lives in Trelex, Switzerland and is a passionate wristwatch collector was also chosen by the brand. The French tennis player explained in the official statement of the brand why De Bethune watches are the most popular among his collection of over 30 Haute Horlogerie items. Monfils said, "I am impressed by the technicality and innovations that they have brought into the world of watchmaking".

It is not unreasonable to believe that the player who has a variety of nicknames, such as Le Monf and Panthera, or Sliderman was a real person. In the short time that the brand has been in existence, it has produced 19 calibers with ten patents.

De Bethune, founded in just 12 years by Dennis Flageollet & David Zanetta is now led by Pierre Jacques. The Golden Hand Award at the GPHG 2011, which is considered the highest award for the industry, is the most important moment in the history of the brand. The matte black version of this iconic model or, to be precise, its later unveiling in 2011 is the exact watch that De Bethune chose to wear by Monfils.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Swiss company, whose innovative products are usually sold at around $100,000. Their annual production ranges between 300-400 models. The watchmaker's latest models are Dream Watch 5 & DB 28 Digitale, which we introduced at the beginning of the year.

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